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Shokan goes rally racing!

Audi proved Quattro technology worked in the early 80's by putting it to the most stressful racing task in the world.  World Rally Racing.  Shokan has continued to prove it's reliability by continuing to race it 20 years later.  Shokan has this vintage Audi Sport factory built rally car.  One of only 8 A2 rally cars built.  Shokan has successfully competed with this car in numerous rallies, most notable is the Mt. Washington Hill Climb when piloted by North American Rally Champion Frank Sprongl (pictured below).  Shokan was saddened when this hill climb was discontinued.
Due to the A2's vintage it has been retired from competition. Fortunately, plans are in the works to build a new rally car and compete in future rallies. Watch a video of Shokan's A2 Rally Car
Shokan's A2 Rally car participating in the Mt Washington Hill Climb
Shokan's A2 Rally car participating in the Mt Washington Hill Climb

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Our Business is Audi Parts

      Shokan has been selling used Audi Parts for over 25 years. From our humble beginnings in a one-bay garage to our 42,000 square feet facility, Shokan had one idea; to deliver clean, tested, and warranted used parts for your Audi.
    Shokan's yard currently holds over 1200 cars, every one is an Audi. The cars range from 1978 - 2003. We purchase between 100 and 350 Audis a year for dismantling. We have already dismantled over 2500 Audis.
Shokan's main building holds our offices and dismataling bays.  Every Audi part that Shokan sells is processed through this building.    Shokan has developed the best dismantling, warehousing, and recycling techniques. At Shokan we try to preserve every part that we can. Our warehouses are jam-packed with Audi parts that will last forever. When a new Audi arrives at Aaron's RS2 spec custom //S4
Aaron's RS2 spec custom //S4
Shokan the entire car is dismantled. Items such as interiors and exhaust systems are taken off the car upon arrival. Engines, transmissions, electronics parts and more are removed from the car, cleaned, tested and warehoused. Strict labeling of all parts ensures that we will not lose track of what it fits. This is a costly process, but yields both a much higher quality part and the added convenience of us being able to ship parts to you the same day that you order them.
    Audi parts can be a tricky business. Audi is known for making small changes in mid year production. This often can lead to getting the wrong part with most suppliers, but not with Shokan. 25 years of Audi work gives us the experience to know what questions to ask to ensure you get the correct part the first time. All of our key employees have worked for us over 10 years. They also all own an Audi or multiple Audi's. Shokan's employees are by far our greatest asset and they are what gets you the right part the first time. They are veteran Audi dismantlers with an immense amount of Audi parts information in their heads. Not only do they have access to every Audi reference material available, they know because they have seen, touched, heard, and even smelled the parts that you need. They know when a part is good or bad and know of common problems and their solutions. Whether it's new or used Audi parts that you need, Shokan knows what fits.
    Shokan respects the environment. Each Audi that arrives is processed. We drain fluids such as gasoline and oil. These fluidsHere at Shokan, we do all we can to respect the enviornmnet.  After all, we live here too. are recycled on site or processed by independent companies. Every Audi is processed until it is ready for complete recycling. The shells are crushed, the aluminum is stored for smelting, batteries are stored under cover, and tires are kept separate. Our salvage yard is probably the cleanest in the world. Beyond our fluid cleanliness, there are no tires, loose parts, or other junk laying around. Organization is very important. In order to find and gather your parts for same-day shipping we must be organized. Clutter in our yard is not permitted.

Use this form to inquire about a used part. A Shokan representative will get back to you within hours during normal business time. Please fill out the form as completely as possible in order to ensure that we can accurately locate the correct part for you.
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